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海外食品华人协会应邀成为中国非公医协-临床营养专业委员会创会成员/AOCFP becomes founding member of CNMIA

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AOCFP becomes founding member of Clinical Nutrition Professional Committee of CNMIA

The Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association (CNMIA) is a national first-level industry association comprising 52 national branches and 28 provincial and sub-provincial local associations.

The Clinical Nutrition Professional Committee is a subsidiary of CNMIA. It was established on July 30, 2020, and holds the purpose to strengthen the construction and development of clinical nutrition disciplines in China social medical institutions, promote the public’s understanding of the concept of nutrition and health, and promote the cooperation and exchanges in national and international nutrition and health industry.

AOCFP was invited to become the founding member of the Clinical Nutrition Professional Committee. In the future, AOCFP will assist the Committee to promote the international exchanges and cooperation of Chinese non-public medical institutions in the field of nutrition.

Xie Duojian and Tang Zhiyuan, founders and representatives of AOCFP, attended the online inaugural meeting of The Clinical Nutrition Professional Committee.

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