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协会参加苏州相城区政府考察团来丹考察交流活动/AOCFP participated meeting with delegation of Suzhou city visiting Denmark

Updated: May 21, 2020

(English post in the end)





The delegation of Suzhou Xiangcheng District visited Denmark on December 15, 2019.

Xu Cheng, Nordic Chief Representative of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Duojian Xie, founder of AOCFP, and Cai Feng, board member of ACED joined the meeting with the delegation at the Sino-Danish Innovation Center in Copenhagen.


Xiangcheng District has superior location advantages and well established infrastructure such as industrial value chain, talents, education, and medical care etc. The area has a good business environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. The area is planning an international industrial park. The overall goal of the park is to build a number of international R&D communities. The park aims at providing one-stop service for foreign innovation companies and startups. There are already Holland and Japan complex innovation centers. It is planned to use the existing Danish companies settled here as model to systematically introduce Danish enterprises to settle in Xiangcheng District, and finally incubate and build a Danish industrial park.

On behalf of AOCFP, Duojian Xie explored the opportunities with the delegation on how to use AOCFP as a bridge to promote the exchange and cooperation in technology and talent areas in the food industry between Denmark and Jiangsu province.

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