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“海外食品华人协会” 访问丹麦最大的农业食品产业园Agro Food Park/ AOCFP visited Agro Food Park

(English post in the end)

本次活动由“海外食品华人协会AOCFP”组织,得到了丹麦最大的农业食品产业园Agro Food Park旗下的Agro Business Park的大力支持,由产业孵化项目经理Louise Krogh带领大家深入了解和参观Agro Food Park。


丹麦在农业、食品和生物技术方面领先全球,不仅技术先进,更有诸如Arla,Novozyme, Chr. Hansen等业内顶级大企业以及诸多各具特色的创新中小企业,这些企业通过与丹麦的高校和科研机构密切合作,努力通过创新带动这些产业的发展。而知识分享和合作是创新的基础,丹麦农业食品科技园-Agro Food Park就承载着这一重要职责。

Agro Food Park创立于2009年,坐标丹麦Aarhus市,是一个综合性的农业和食品科技创新产业园。从创立之初,就践行“Ecosystem for Innovation”(基于创新的生态体系)的宗旨,鼓励园区内的公司和机构之间知识分享和交流,合作,并通过各种networking,seminar,以及其他一些列活动进行促进。


既然说到创新,怎么少得了孵化器?Louise所在的Agro Business Park旗下就有三个产业孵化器,其中一个就在Agro Food Park园区。目前该孵化器中有众多初创企业,通过孵化器提供的各种资源支持,将自己的创新构想与市场需求对接。Louise也表达了非常欢迎中国人才带着项目来落地的愿望。

读到这里,可能有人会将Agro Business Park和产业园Agro Food Park混淆。

Agro Business Park其实也是产业园的成员之一,是一个非营利组织,旨在成为丹麦农业、食品、生物能源和环境领域的创新、知识和创业培育中心。在全丹麦有4个办公室,三个产业孵化器,同时参加或领导超过40个国家和国际层面的项目合作,其中一个叫Midtnet Kina,翻成中文就叫”丹麦中部-中国项目“。

都知道中国市场大,可面对复杂的市场环境以及巨大的文化、口味、消费习惯等差异,不是所有的技术和产品都可以直接空降到这个市场,所以Midtnet Kina项目旨在支持利用丹麦的技术开发出适合中国市场的产品、概念和方案。

另一个Agro Business Park参与的项目叫INBIOM-Innovation Network For Biomass,是一个促进将农业和食品垃圾通过高科技变废为宝,成为高附加值的产品的合作项目。

Agro Food Park的其他非营利组织还包括以下:


Thanks Louise for giving us a very informative introduction of Agro Food Park-the biggest agro and food industry park in Denmark and Agro Business Park。

Denmark is leading the globe in the areas of agriculture, food and bio technology, due to not only advanced technology, but also lots of industry top enterprises like Arla, Novozymes, Chr. Hansen and SMEs who possess strong innovation DNA, and cooperate closely with knowledge institutes like universities, research institutions, to bring innovation into the industries.

knowledge sharing and cooperation is the key for innovation, and Agro Food Park brings a indispensible platform for such activities.

Founded in 2009, located in Aarhus, Denmark, Agro Food Park has attracted over 80 companies and institutions with more than 1000 talents to join this ecosystem. and it's growing fast and ambitiously.

"At Agro Food Park, you become part of an open and trustworthy "Ecosystem for Innovation", where companies strengthen each other through networking, collaboration, seminars and social activities", Louise introduced.

here, companies can rent their offices with "plug in and play" model, can get support from the well established local infrastructure, and enjoy a open and knowledge exchanging environment, making innovation in walking distance.

it's also embracing international companies and talents to join. Engnice, a Chinese nutrition company just moved in early this year, becoming the first Chinese company to join this ecosystem. it's a embodiment of Agro Food Park's openness and internationalization.

As members of Agro Food Park, Agro Business Park aims to be Denmark’s international growth center for innovation and knowledge entrepreneurship within agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technologies.

With its two incubators (one in Agro Food Park, one in Copenhagen), it's now hosting more than 50 startups to help them realize their dreams by providing comprehensive supporting resources.

Louise expressed the welcome to Chinese talents with their ideas and projects to their incubators.

Agro Business Park also participates more than 40 national and international projects, one project led by Louise is "Midtnet Kina" – the Central Denmark Region's initiative for increasing Sino-Danish trade.

We all know China market is huge and potential, however, not every technology or product from Denmark can fit this market with big difference in terms of culture, taste and consumer behaviors and so on.

"so the aim of Midtnet Kina is to support Support for developing products, concepts and solutions specifically fit for the Chinese market." Louise mentioned.

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