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“海外食品华人协会”在线讲座:中国罐头产业的前世、今生和展望 /AOCFP webinar: Past, present& prospect of China canned food industry

(English post in the end)

时间:5月23日周六,欧洲中部时间10am,北京时间4pm 嘉宾:王竟竟 中国食品工业协会罐藏食品专业委员会秘书长 新冠疫情将罐头带到了聚光灯下。超长的保质期和多样的内涵使得罐头成为了灾难必备物资中的主力食品。但是对于罐头及其行业和市场,你了解多少呢?


  • 罐头的定义,起源,发展和产业现状

  • 为什么我国罐头产业是墙内开花墙外香?中外消费者对罐头食品的态度

  • 疫情对于我国罐头产业有何影响?

  • 未来罐头产业的发展方向


Time:Saturday, 23rd May, CET 10am, Beiing time 4pm Speaker:Jingjing Wang, Secretary general of canned food professional committee of China national food industry association Coronavirus pandemic brought canned food to the spotlight. The long shelf life and wide variety of its content make canned food the no.1 food supply for disaster. But how much do you actually know about canned food and its industry and market?

In this webinar, we are honored to have Ms. Wang to share with us her insights on below topics from industry holistic view:

• Definition, origin, development and industry status of canned food • Different attitudes towards canned food between China and western countries • Impact of COVID-19 on China canned food industry • Prospect of canned food industry

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