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“海外食品华人协会”在线讲座:PacBio创始人做客协会分享他的人才招聘心得/PacBio CTO shared his view of talents with AOCFP members

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

(English post in the end)

PacBio ( 创立于2004年,是一个超过400雇员的高科技美国上市公司。总部在加州MenloPark。PacBio的业务范围主要为基因测序和基因组学分析系统和方案。

本次讲座我们有幸邀请到了PacBio的首席技术官Stephen Turner作为我们本次讲座的嘉宾。Stephen 博士毕业于Cornell University,专业物理学。2004年创立了PacBio公司,并担任CTO至今。在基因测序、基因组学等领域有很深的造诣。




It's our honor to have Dr. Stephen Turner, the founder and CTO of PacBio as our speaker. Stephen graduated from Cornell University, majored in physics, and has high attainment in genomic analysis and gene sequencing area.

As CTO, Stephen has interviewed and hired hundreds of top talents, thus possesses unique opinions on which features of candidates can attract the top employers. In this webinar, Stephen shared his views on:

  • Which characteristics of candidates will stand out in the process of job hunting,

  • how these characteristics can be acquired,

  • how to prepare interview.

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