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“海外食品华人协会”在线讲座:婴儿营养产业和市场剖析/Expert from AFI telling global baby nutrition industry

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

(English post in the end)

Arla Foods Ingredients是全球领先的乳蛋白配料方案供应商,总部在丹麦Aarhus。其业务范围为应用于儿科营养、特殊医学食品、运动营养以及各种健康食品的特种乳蛋白原料的研发、生产和销售。

本次 “海外食品华人协会” 有幸邀请到了Arla Foods Ingredients的全球销售总监Jakob Madsen Pedersen博士作为我们本次讲座的嘉宾。Jakob 博士毕业于Aarhus University,专业分子生物学。2012年进入工业界,担任Arla Foods Ingredients的亚洲区业务开发经理,基于自己深厚的技术和专业知识帮助客户实现了产品创新和价值增长。之后成功转型商务,担任全球销售总监至今。



  • 作为食品产业中毛利最高的品类,全球婴幼儿奶粉市场规模超过一百万吨

  • 过去十年基于全球人口增长和婴幼儿喂养理念改变,市场年增长达5-10%

  • 全球范围大约200家企业,市场高度集中,少数几家企业占有超过一般的市场份额

  • 婴幼儿奶粉在20世纪20年代被开发出来,兴起于20世纪70年代

  • 政治与道德考量的产业——母乳始终是最佳营养

  • 行业受创新和科学驱动,是一个产业、学术界和政府立法机构共同参与的行业,最终服务于消费者

  • 婴幼儿奶粉产地通常靠近奶源——欧洲、大洋洲、美国、中国和印度

  • 中国式世界婴幼儿奶粉第一大市场,占据接近一半市场份额


We are very pleased to have Dr. Jakob Madsen Pedersen, head of global sales in Arla Foods Ingredients as the speaker of our webinar.

Jakob got his PhD degree from Aarhus University, majored in molecular biology. In his previously position as business development manager of pediatric nutrition for Asia, he acquired deep and extensive knowledge on infant nutrition market, and have supported many customers on their product innovation and value based growth with his strong technical knowledge and market understanding.

In this webinar, Dr. Pedersen shared his insights on the most potential and prosperous industry- pediatric nutrition industry. Below are some data and facts shared by Dr. Jakob in his presentation.

  • High global volume, more than 1 million tonnes!

  • Most profitable market in the global food industry

  • Growth of 5-10% over past 10 years

  • Driven by global population growth and demographic and behavioural changes

  • Around 200 players/companies globally produce IF

  • Exported between countries and markets

  • A handful of companies have more than 50% global market share

  • Sold in all countries around the world

  • Developed in the 1920’ies but boomed since 1970’ies

  • Political involvement and ethical considerations – breast feeding is best

  • A lot of innovation and science drives industry development

  • An industry developing in a triangle between industry – academia/health bodies and government/regulatory, with the consumer in the middle

  • Infant formula is produced in typical milk producing countries – America, EU, India, China, Australia and New Zealand

  • China is the no. 1 country in the world for consumption

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