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AOCFP线上嘉宾论坛:新冠疫情对于食品供应链、生产和物流的影响/ AOCFP online forum: Impact of Covid-19 on food supply chain

Updated: May 21, 2020

(English post in the end)

  • 食品和相关行业如何才能在这个极具挑战性的环境下生存?

  • 疫情后全球市场前景会有何变化?

  • 作为食品制造企业,有什么应对措施呢?

  • 疫情影响下供应链和物流方面会有什么变化呢?

  • 机遇和挑战并存,疫情挑战下会出现什么新的行业机遇呢?


本次由 "海外食品华人协会AOCFP" 与 "中澳食品圈" 联合推出的在线嘉宾论坛邀请了丹麦Millefood蜜儿乐儿乳业创始人Steve Wang和资深物流人士,杭州鼎晟国际货运有限公司创始人 Bree Huang就以上热点话题进行了精彩探讨。


  • How can food industry survive in this challenging environment?

  • What will be the global market outlook after the pandemic?

  • As a food manufacturer, are there any countermeasures ?

  • What will happen to the supply chain and logistics under the impression of the pandemic?

  • Opportunities and challenges coexist. What new industry opportunities will emerge under the pandemic challenge?

The New Coronavirus is ravaging, the global economy has been greatly affected by country shutdowns. Above questions are very critical for food industry and have been the discussion focus among food professionals.

This guest forum jointly launched by "AOCFP" and "China-Australia Food Circle" invited Steve Wang, the founder of Millefood, Denmark, and Bree Huang, founder of Hangzhou Dingsheng International Freight Co., Ltd. to share with us their views and insights on above questions.

Nearly one hundred food professionals from Europe, Oceania, and China participated this forum, actively interacted with the guests with lots of constructive discussions.

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