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AOCFP 2022 offline forum was sucessfully held

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It has been more than two years since the second offline event of the Association Europe in December 2019 amid the raging epidemic. This year, as the epidemic gradually fades away, we can finally meet again in person!

A total of 15 AOCFP members from the fields of food, biotech, medicine, academia and industrial investment, from different countries (Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Norway), for a common goal, met in Copenhagen on June 11.

The topic of this event is Future Food. First, Will, the co-founder of AOCFP, gave a general introduction to the development status and prospects of the alternative protein industry. Then Aimei, the council member of AOCFP shared her views on plant protein, one of the main tracks under the alternative protein, followed by the co-founder Duojian who gave an insightful presentation from the perspective of equipment and the processing of alternative proteins and a new track in the field of alternative proteins- insect protein.

In the group discussion session that followed, everyone had a lively view exchange on alternative proteins and European career experience.

After the event, the participants gave positive feedback on the event, and all looked forward to more offline events.

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