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NCSF-AOCFP joint event: Entering& doing business in China/北欧中国创业者论坛-AOCFP联合讲座:外资企业如何进入中国

We are happy to announce that on the 15th of July at 11:00 CET, the AOCFP -Association of Oversea Chinese Food Professionals and Nordic-China Startup Forum are collaborating on an online event with Harrison Cao, Ann Sophie de Meester, and Noam David Stern 星诺 as guest speakers.

Whether you are a young entrepreneur, a representative of a Nordic firm, a research institution, or a member of the public sector, this event will be insightful to you. Through our online events, we hope to educate and assist you in entering and succeeding in the Chinese market.

AOCFP and NCSF have invited three special guest speakers with extensive knowledge in the Chinese market to discuss and share their insights on currently relevant topics i.e.: COVID-19 impact, entry modes, tax system, foreign investment, intellectual property rights as well as HR & employment.

Join us on the 15th of July at 11:00 CET! Zoom link: Mark your calendar and stay tuned if you're planning to attend the webinar!

You can sign up using the QR-Code or via this link:


7 月 15 日欧洲中部时间 上午11:00,“海外食品华人协会”和“北欧-中国创业论坛” 将联合举办在线讲座:外资企业如何进入中国。

无论您是年轻的企业家、北欧公司的代表、研究机构,还是就职于公共部门,相信本次活动都会对您有所启发。 通过我们的在线活动,我们希望能够带您了解中国市场,并为您进入中国市场的雄心壮志提供帮助。

“海外食品华人协会”和“北欧-中国创业论坛” 邀请了三位在中国市场拥有丰富知识的特邀演讲嘉宾,就当前相关主题包括新冠疫情对中国市场的影响、市场进入模式、税收制度、外商投资、知识产权以及人力资源和就业等进行讨论和分享他们的见解 .




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