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The joint career event of AOCFP and Association of Chinese Professionals in Denmark (ACED) was a success

On May 5, 2024, the Association of Overseas Food People (AOCFP) and the Association of Chinese Professionals in Denmark (ACED) joint hosted a career event to guide and insipire career development of Chinese professionals in Europe. The event was held in Copenhagen attracting nearly 20 association members in the Nordic region to actively participate online and offline.

In the European work market, different positions and companies have different requirements for job seekers' education, knowledge and skills. Many job seekers and re-employees often feel confused when facing these unknowns. In order to help members better prepare for job hunting and career development, this event specially invited two guests to share their experiences and insights:

  • Chen Yang , Vice President of Deeptech VC (online guest), brought many valuable suggestions to everyone with his deep background and rich experience in investing in the European high-tech field.

  • Liu Quanyin , automation engineer at Novo Nordisk (offline guest), combined his work experience in multinational companies to give a detailed introduction to his overseas career development and experience as well as his skills development experience

During the sharing of the two guests, the participants asked questions enthusiastically and the atmosphere was lively. The detailed answers and valuable suggestions of the guests benefited the participants a lot.

This event not only provided Association members with valuable information and practical guidance, but also broadened their career horizons. The successful holding of the event was well received by members, and everyone expressed their expectation to participate in more such events in the future.

The successful conclusion of this event once again demonstrates AOCFP's commitment to helping members develop their careers. We hope that more members will be able to find their own career direction and meet new challenges through such activities in the future.

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