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Association of Overseas Chinese Food Professionals (AOCFP) was founded on 13 Feb 2018, and is an independent, EU registered non-profit organization consisting Chinese professionals working or studying in the global food or related industries. Click here to see our organization.

Since the foundation, AOCFP has been growing quickly by providing values to our members in terms of creating a platform for sharing industry and market knowledge, helping members quickly integrate into the overseas study environment and job market, and promoting cooperation between China and overseas on food talents, technology transfer, research, etc.

So far, AOCFP has more than 290 members from Europe, North America, Oceania and China, connected through social medias, different online and offline events.

50% of our members hold or are pursuing PhD degree in world renowned universities, 30% of our members are working professionals in industry and academia. Click here to see our academia and industry networks.

Since November 2022, AOCFP became the 60th independent member association of Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE)

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