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Charter of " Association of Oversea Chinese Food Professionals"




Group name:

  • Association of Overseas Chinese Food professionals (abbreviation : AOCFP )

  • Danish name: Foreningen for Kinesiske Fødevare Expats



  • An independent, non-profit organization formed voluntarily by Chinese professionals working or studying in the global food or related fields.

Purpose of the group :

  • To provide a platform for global Chinese professionals in food and related fields to exchange, share and discuss industry information and dynamics within the scope of the laws of the registration country.

  • To help members quickly integrate into the overseas learning environment and job market , encourage members to share and exchange job hunting experience, help members obtain career development guidance, and inspire and motivate each other.

  • To promote two-way cooperation between China and overseas on food talent, technology, industry and research, etc.

Activity forms

Online platform discussion and exchange;

Online professional lectures or forums;

Offline professional activities (lectures, information exchanges, etc.);

One-to-one coaching and consultation;

Cooperation with other organizations and groups outside the group for relevant activities.



Membership qualification: 

  • Chinese food professionals working or studying in global food or related fields.

 Applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Supporting the charter of the group;

  • Holding the willingness to join the association;

  • Actively supporting all activities of the group.


Membership admission procedure:

  • Submit your application thought "membership" page of group website;

  • All board members review and approve the application, and inform the applicant on the admission.

Members can enjoy the following rights:

  • Participation in the activities of the group;

  • Having priority to enjoy the group's services;

  • Criticization and supervision of the work of the group;


Members should fulfill the following obligations:

  • Following the group's resolution;

  • Protecting the legal rights and reputation of the group;

  • Supporting other activities of the group.

Members should notify the group in writing of their withdrawal

Members who have seriously violated this charter will be revoked of their membership after decision of the board.


The highest authority of the group is the board meeting. Its main responsibilities are:

  • Establishing and revising the charter;

  • Election and dismission of council members;

  • Establishing the group management system;

  • Reviewing the work report and financial report of the council ;

  • Deciding on major change and termination matters;

  • Deciding on other major matters.

There are three board members.

All board members must be present in order to convene the board meeting, and its resolutions must be approved by all board members before they can take effect.

The board meeting happens in principle once every third month. It can be convened temporarily for special or emergency situations.


The council is the executive body of the board meeting, carries out daily work of the group and report to the board meeting.


The duties of the council are:

  • Implement the resolution of the board meeting;

  • Discuss the organization and arrangement of various activities of the association (see "Activity format" chapter);

  • Financial Management

  • Preparation work summary and financial report ;

There are 5 council members.


All council members must be present in order to convene the council meeting, and its resolutions must be agreed by more than half of the council members before it can take effect.


The council meeting is convened whenever needed.


The eligibility of board members and council members are:

  • Chinese professionals in food or related industries

  • No criminal record

Asset management

Sources of funding for the group:

  • Sponsorship or donation;

  • Income from events organized by the group;

  • Other legal incomes.

The funds of the group are deposited in the bank account opened in the name of the group and managed by the appointed council member.

The group's funds must be used for the activities and development of the group specified in this charter, and cannot be distributed among members.

Termination procedure

The dissolution or termination of the group requires the termination agreement proposed by the council.


The termination agreement shall be approved by the the board meeting.


The disposal of the remaining funds of the group shall be decided after discussion by the board meeting.


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