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AOCFP member, Prof. of Huazhong Agricultural University appointed as Editor for Food Chemistry Journal

Updated: Mar 31

Recently, AOCFP member, professor Haizhou Wu from the School of Food Science and Technology at Huazhong Agricultural University has accepted an invitation from the editorial board of Food Chemistry to serve as an Editor for the journal.

Founded in 1976 and published by Elsevier, Food Chemistry is widely recognized as a leading journal in the field of food science. According to data from the Science Citation Index (SCI), the journal achieved an impact factor of 8.8 in 2023. In his role as Editor for Food Chemistry, Professor Wu will primarily be responsible for handling submissions related to animal-derived foods, including meat and aquatic products.

Professor Wu's appointment as Editor for Food Chemistry not only signifies international recognition of his research accomplishments and academic capabilities but also underscores the progress made by Huazhong Agricultural University in nurturing outstanding faculty and establishing research platforms with international influence. This international recognition serves as an encouragement for the School of Food Science and Technology, facilitating the enhancement of its global academic standing, strengthening the cultivation of top-tier talents, and further advancing the disciplinary construction in key areas of national importance.

Introduction of Prof. Wu

Dr. Haizhou Wu, Professor at the School of Food Science and Technology and Adjunct Professor at the College of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, as well as a doctoral supervisor at Huazhong Agricultural University, also serves as the Director and Chief Expert of the Hubei Province Innovation Center for Meat Processing Technology.

Dr. Wu's academic journey includes educational and professional experiences at prominent institutions such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, where he pursued joint doctoral studies, postdoctoral research, and served as a researcher. He joined Huazhong Agricultural University in March 2023.

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