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“海外食品华人协会” 哥本哈根站新年线下主题研讨会圆满成功/AOCFP conference was hold successfully in Copenhagen

Updated: May 21, 2020



  • 食品行业前沿技术研讨

  • 当代食品加工技术

  • 欧洲就业及职业生涯发展




The conference was held on December 14, 2019 in the KU.BE library in Copenhagen. More than 20 association members from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UK joined the conference. The background of the participants features high-level talents in the European food industry, such as working professionals and entrepreneurs, master students and PhD candidates.

The seminar focused on three themes:

  1. Newest trend in the food industry

  2. Advanced food processing technology

  3. Career development

The participants had an open and in-depth discussion on each theme. Everyone shared knowledge related to the themes from their respective fields, and put forward many good ideas and directions.

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