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AOCFP Successfully Hosted 2023 Christmas Career Salon

Copenhagen, December 9, 2023 - The AOCFP (Overseas Chinese Association for Food Professionals) successfully orchestrated a Christmas career experience sharing salon at Avedøre Bibliotek og Kulturhus in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The event saw the participation of 17 association members from food and pharmaceutical industries such as Novo Nordisk, Alfa Laval, BGI, and Novozymes. Additionally, academic representatives from the University of Copenhagen contributed to the diverse gathering.

The ambiance was relaxed, complemented by tea, coffee, and delightful snacks. The central theme of the event revolved around salary negotiation skills, guided by Lao Duo, Senior Project Manager at Alfa Laval. Lao Duo shared professional insights into negotiating salaries in Europe, incorporating insighful materials from Denmark's largest engineering association, IDA, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Post the informative session, participants delved into advanced workplace training, focusing on two crucial skills:

A - Enhanced listening and coaching

B - Improved time management and task prioritization

Participants actively practiced and discussed these skills in group settings, exploring effective techniques for career development. Furthermore, attendees shared their experiences and insights from the European workplace and academic circles, engaging in discussions about challenges and future prospects.

The high-quality career event concluded with vibrant discussions, leaving participants not only with valuable insights but also expanding their professional networks. It has set a robust foundation for future exchanges and collaborations within the association.

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