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AOCFP-Foodjob Nordic joint webinar: How to find a job in Europe food industry

On September 7th, a highly informative job-seeking and career planning webinar was hosted in collaboration with Martin Guldsø Alsted, Senior Advisor, Headhunter, and Partner at Foodjob Nordic.

This engaging webinar revolved around three significant focal topics shared by Martin which encompassed the current status and trends in the food job market, the sought-after academic and professional qualifications, and valuable career guidance tailored for Chinese professionals already in the European job market. An interactive Q&A session followed the exploration of each of these subjects. It is noteworthy that these topics were thoughtfully selected based on a survey of the webinar's registrants.

This international event attracted over 30 participants from AOCFP network from all over the globe. The diverse audience included a mix of Master's and Ph.D. students from leading universities, as well as professionals already actively engaged in the job market. The interaction with a senior headhunter in food industry further enhanced the event's value. Feedback received from both the attendees and our speaker, was overwhelmingly positive.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Martin for making this invaluable webinar a reality, and we look forward to more such enriching opportunities in the future.

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