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“海外食品华人协会”联合“丹麦食品王国” 带大家深入探索丹麦食品产业/Denmark Food Nation gave a deepdive of Danish food sector

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

(English version in the end)

  • 丹麦作为一个人口只有550万的小国,产出的食物足够支持三倍于本国人口所需。

  • 其食品产出的75%供出口,食品类出口占全国总出口额四分之一。

  • 丹麦产品的安全和质量标准领先欧盟享誉全球,“丹麦制造”是高品质的代名词。


上周五(10月9日)丹麦官方机构 “丹麦食品王国FoodNation”  的资深专家带海外食品人协会(AOCFP)成员深入了解和探讨了丹麦食品产业领先全球的核心所在,并和大家介绍了最新的2020丹麦食品产业全球竞争力报告“INSIGHTREPORT ON DENMARK AS A FOOD NATION 2020”的核心结果,让我们对丹麦食品产业在全球的影响力以及地位有了一个直观的认识。(有需要该份报告的朋友可以通过协会官网联系我们,官网二维码见文末)

来自欧洲、中国的近20名海外食品华人协会成员,包括企业家、企业管理者、行业专家,学生等参与了本次与FoodNation的90分钟的线上会议,大家提出了很多问题,与Food Nation的专家进行了讨论。


丹麦食品王国 Food Nation
Food Nation(是丹麦政府与丹麦食品领域的主要公司建立的一个官方平台,致力于向全球推广丹麦的食品产业,并揭示丹麦食品产业如何成为创新、可持续发展和高效食品生产领域的全球领跑者。


English version:

On 9th October Maria Dyrby Nielsen and Christina Tønner Jensen from the "Food Nation" gave AOCFP members an insightful introduction on the competitive edge and features of Danish food industry. The key results of “Insight report on Denmark as a food nation 2020” were also presented focus on China part, which gave the participants an good understanding on the global influence of the Danish food industry.

About 20 Chinese food professionals living in Europe and China including entrepreneurs, business managers, industry experts, students, etc. participated in this 90-minute online meeting with Food Nation, which generated lots of open discussions.

We hope that this meeting can serve as a starting point for future potential cooperation to show more aspects of the Danish food sector to Chinese stakeholders, and promote bilateral industrial communication and collaboration!

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