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2022 Overseas Chinese Food Tech Talents Career Conference successfully held

China's alternative protein industry is in its early stage of development. To attract talents is a big challenge facing the industry development, especially technical and application talents who play a crucial role in the growth path of enterprises.

The overseas alternative protein industry started earlier, especially in Europe and North America, therefore the maturity and the cultivation of talents are at the forefront of the world. The rapid development of China alternative protein industry becomes more and more attractive to many Chinese food talents studying abroad, however, the difficulty of obtaining relevant information on domestic industries, and the unclear career development plan have become obstacles for talents to make decision to join China alternative protein industry.

As a promoter of the domestic alternative protein industry, GFIC aims to help overseas Chinese food talents understand the development status and prospects of the domestic industries, and provide high-quality scientific and technological talent support for the development of the industries. To support this vision, GFIC and AOCFP jointly organized the "2022 Overseas Chinese Food Tech Talents Career Conference"on 20 Nov 2022, to provide a opportunity for overseas Chinese food talents to directly communicate with the domestic alternative protein industries.

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