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AOCFP 2023 Shanghai Offline Networking Event

On July 8, 2023, the 'Chinese Overseas Food Association' held an offline networking event at THE PRESS Café in Shanghai, where 15 association members gathered together.

The attendees came from diverse backgrounds, including professionals working with companies and institutions such as Danone, Wilmar, Sanofi, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences, Mars, Kerry, Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, Mitsubishi Chemical, Yoplait and Mondelez International.

This event took the form of a relaxed afternoon tea, providing an opportunity for the association's members to connect, get to know each other, and engage in meaningful conversations.

At the start of the event, Will, the co-founder of AOCFP provided an introduction to the association. Following that, under the guidance of Xinyue, concil member of the association, an interesting ice-breaking activity quickly lifted the atmosphere, allowing members to break the ice and get acquainted. Subsequently, there were lively discussions on topics such as industry trends, professional growth and challenges, as well as the differences in the development of the food industry in China and internationally. After the event, many members provided positive feedback, expressing that they gained valuable insights and anticipated more offline gatherings in the future."

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