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Nestle The Accelerator China Webinar was successfully held

Nestle The Accelerator China Webinar co-hosted by Nestle The Accelerator China team and AOCFP on 18 Feb 2023, attracted more than 50 Chinese Food Professionals from AOCFP network, covering industry, academia, investment areas.

As a leader in F&B industry, Nestlé has always been committed to food innovation. In 2019, Nestle R&D launched a global innovation accelerator project The Accelerator and successively established a network of food innovation accelerators in regions including the United States, Singapore, and Europe, using Nestlé's abundant professional resources to help entrepreneurs evaluate, accelerate, and commercialize innovative ideas or projects in 6 months.

Recently, Nestle China R&D established Nestle The Accelerator China, aiming at serving China market. This Webinar is dedicated to helping better understand Nestle The Accelerator China, the channel to join and the success stories of the Nestle The Accelerator.

Wang Yujie, head of Nestle The Accelerator China, introduced Nestle The Accelerator network and its focused innovation fields and the selection criteria for projects. Then Maggie, the HR business partner of Nestle R&D, introduced the talent empowerment of Nestle The Accelerator to the participants in terms of project cooperation, mentoring and training.

The two cases of joining Nestle The Accelerator as an individual and a start-up team respectively gave the audiances a deeper understanding on how to join and what to expect from Nestle The Accelerator.

Angelica from Switzerland shared her experience and learnings from participating in the Nestlé The Accelerator as an intern, and afterwards joined Nestlé R&D as an Innovation Specialist.

Deng Siwen, co-founder and CTO of the plant-based chicken start-up Sundialfoods, shared how she became acquainted with the Nestlé accelerator from a course in school, and realized the process from consumer insights, prototyping all the way to final product launch with the support of Nestlé accelerator in Lausanne, Switzerland.

After the case sharing, the audience used the Q&A session actively discussed many questions with the speekers, focusing on cooperation model, capital, intellectual property rights, and post-batch cooperation etc.

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